Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for Authors

All submissions and evaluations are done through the conference management system ConfTool. The guidelines are slightly different for authors planning to get involved in the conference. More information is available on the DSC website.

Abstract submission

The abstract (plain text) length should be between 750 and 1000 words (excluding title and affiliations). Authors’ contact details (full address and email of all the contributing authors) and affiliations must be entered in the dedicated fields of the submission form. Figures with captions and bibliographic references can be uploaded with the abstract (title and text only) in a single .pdf file. No author information should be included in the .pdf file.

The abstract must properly address the following points:

  • Introduction: background and motivation with references to similar/previous works
  • Research question: description of working hypotheses for non-specialized audience
  • Methodology: description of the experimental setup and procedure
  • Results and discussion: when possible, findings must be supported by proper statistical tests
  • Conclusions/implications: (expected) impact and value of the work for the scientific and/or industrial community.

IMPORTANT: Abstracts not meeting these requirements will not be accepted.

Abstracts should be submitted by December 31st in order to get published in the next year. After the first reviewing phase, authors of accepted papers are invited to submit their paper in ConfTool.

Paper submission

Authors whose paper has been accepted by the Editorial Board are invited to submit the full paper version by April 15th.

Please follow these steps to submit the paper:

  1. Login to our conference management system ( with the account previously created for abstract submission.
  2. Click on “Your Submissions”. The previously submitted abstract should be displayed on the list.
  3. Click on “Copy as New Contribution”, on the right of the contribution intended to be submitted as paper. Contribution information such as ID, title, authors list and affiliations will be copied to a new contribution.
  4. Select the “Full Paper” type of contribution
  5. Please follow the last submission steps.

A 150€ fee is charged to the authors of accepted papers for edition cost. This edition cost is covering conference participation fee if authors are following the conference reviewing process.

Full Paper Templates

Please use the following template to format the full paper to upload.

Microsoft Word templateLaTeX template

Papers that don’t respect the format will not be accepted.