Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Driving Simulation Proceedings is committed to publishing papers that respect ethics. Therefore, for each submitted paper, the following points are checked:


Each paper for which suspicion of plagiarism is detected will be automatically rejected.


Articles submitted for publication must be original and must not have been submitted to any other publication. In very unusual circumstances, the same papers may be submitted in other publication; in this case, authors must communicate their choice, explaining their motivation when submitting. The Editorial Board takes the final decision to accept or not such a paper.

Research results misappropriation and fraud

The Editorial Board and/or reviewers reserves the right to make inquiries to authors of submitted contributions if there is any question as to whether research results reported in a submitted article are original and may ask precision to authors when there may be suspicion of fraud.

Conflict of interest

Authors of submitted papers must declare at the time of submission no conflict of interest. The Editorial Board will ensure in return that submitted papers are not reviewed by reviewers who may have a conflict of interest.

General Ethical Principles

The Driving Simulation Proceedings is complying with the Driving Simulation Association General Ethical Principles.